We are here to help your family navigate the intricate landscape of adoption law in North Carolina.

With a compassionate approach and expertise, we provide the necessary support to protect your rights and facilitate a smooth adoption process.

Whether considering domestic adoption, stepparent adoption, or another type, we are here to help you create a loving and nurturing home for your new family member. Our assistance covers various types of adoptions, ensuring you find the right path to welcome your precious addition.

Independent Adoptions

Also known as private adoptions, these occur without involvement from an adoption agency. Adoptive parents take responsibility for matching and formalizing the adoption process, often with the help of an experienced attorney.

Step-Parent Adoptions

This type of adoption happens when a spouse of the biological parent wishes to adopt the minor child as their own. In most cases, consent from the biological parent giving up their rights is required, although there are exceptions. The step-parent must be married to the biological parent for at least six months before filing for adoption.

Relative Adoptions

In relative adoptions, a family member seeks to adopt a minor child who is related to them. The child is often a grandchild, nephew/niece, or sibling.

Embryo Adoptions

Embryo adoption involves one family donating their remaining embryos to another family so they can experience pregnancy and childbirth. While it is referred to as adoption, it is treated as a property transfer under North Carolina law.

Adult Adoptions

Adults may choose to adopt another adult for various reasons, often to facilitate the inheritance of the adoptive parent’s assets. This formalizes the parent-child relationship and allows for a more convenient estate transfer.