Trusts and Estate Litigation

In North Carolina, most estate matters proceed smoothly through probate courts. However, disputes can arise, leading to litigation. We’re here if that happens.

We offer representation to beneficiaries, trustees, and personal representatives in various jurisdictions for probate, estate, and trust litigation.

No matter the complexity of the dispute, dedicated efforts are made to effectively represent clients and navigate the litigation process to protect their interests.

The services cover a range of matters, including:

  1. Contesting Will Validity: We handle cases involving challenges to the validity of a Will, known as “Will Caveats.”

  2. Testamentary Capacity: We assist with issues related to a person’s mental capacity to create a valid Will.

  3. Undue Influence: Our representation covers cases where undue influence may have affected the creation or content of a Will.

  4. Mismanagement of Funds: We address situations where Powers of Attorney, Trustees, Administrators, or Executors have mismanaged estate assets.

  5. Elective Share of a Spouse: We provide guidance on matters concerning a spouse’s right to claim an elective share of the estate.