Advanced Directive/Healthcare Documents “Living Will”

Advanced Directive/
Healthcare Documents “Living Will”

Healthcare directives are vital because they provide essential guidance when one becomes incapacitated. Trust us to guide you through this important aspect of future planning.

It's crucial to not only have a will or trust plan but also to ensure you've properly completed health care documents.

These include a Health Care Power of Attorney, a stand-alone HIPAA release, and a Living Will. These documents express your health care wishes if you can’t communicate them, allowing designated individuals to carry them out effectively.

Health Care Power of Attorney

This legal document lets your chosen agent make health care decisions on your behalf if you’re unable to. It requires proper execution through signing and notarization. Carefully choose a trusted individual as your health care agent.

Living Will

Also known as an Advance Directive, it guides health care providers and family members on critical medical decisions in “end-of-life” situations. Unlike a Health Care Power of Attorney, it doesn’t grant decision-making power but provides specific directions. Like the Health Care Power of Attorney, it must be signed and notarized according to state law.